Why join us

We are independent franchisees with a long established and proven company called Juice Plus+. So why did we choose Juice Plus? In fact, Juice Plus chose us! We took the product first, knowing nothing about the business model. Having felt the product benefits, we were naturally recommending it to our friends and family to improve their quality of life... but we weren't getting paid for it! Then we were told about the business opportunity and we never looked back!

Here are the reasons why we recommend Juice Plus, alongside the factors we suggested you consider in the "How to Choose" section.


Find a product you believe in

Juice Plus works. We know because we take it. We have more energy, better health and our friends and family do too!  Over the years, we have been given hundreds of testimonials from happy clients who have had great results.

Find a unique product

There is no nutritional supplement on the market with the level of scientific research and credibility of Juice Plus.

Find a relevant product with a big target market and an established product need

The health and wellness industry is said to be the next trillion dollar industry. We all need good or better health, we all need to eat more fruits and vegetables, Juice Plus appeals to all ages and lifestyles the world over.

Find a proven product

To date, over 30 gold standard, peer reviewed, published medical studies on Juice Plus make it the most researched product in the marketplace. It has also been on the market for over 23 years.



The Juice Plus company is over 40 years old and privately owned with no debt.

The original founder of Juice Plus, Jay Martin, is still at the helm of the company.  His passion for the products and business for over 40 years is a sign of the long term stability of the company.  He’s also a really nice guy, who we have met many times!

The company has strong leadership with massive experience.  Many of the senior leadership have been with the company for over 25 years.

The company has an ethical mission and vision which is “To Inspire Healthy Living Around The World”.  Many distributors are international sportsmen & women, nutritional experts and medical professionals including world-renowned doctors.

With Juice Plus, there is no up-front product purchasing needed. There’s no stock to handle.  You do not buy stock to resell, you place an order for a customer and the company deliver direct to your customers on your behalf, paying you a monthly commission direct to you for every sale.

No minimum monthly payments, purchases or sales targets. Work at your own pace, fast or slow.

Juice Plus has seen phenomenal growth over the past couple of years, with hundreds of thousands of happy customers.

2015 saw Juice Plus crowned as the fastest growing direct selling company in the UK.  Remarkable for such a long-established company.

The Juice Plus Company has long serving franchisees.  The highest earner, Jeff Roberti, has been with Juice Plus for over 25 years, as have many others. Go to testimonials to see Alex Webb speak about his 25+ years as a franchisee with the company.

Clear company training opportunities.

Juice Plus is available in 23 different countries, so that’s how many countries you can develop a business in!.  Local offices based in most countries are supporting franchisees every day.

The Juice Plus people are so positive and inspiring, whether that be head office employees or independent franchisees. Nobody ever says you can’t do something.

Fully flexible opportunity. You have the ability to work part time, in your own time and earn money alongside the other things in your life.

The compensation and bonus plan is the most attractive we’ve come across, encouraging long-term residual income.



I have one of the fastest growing, most successful Juice Plus businesses in the world.  If you join our team, we’ll be able to help get you off to a flying start with all out knowledge and support.

I have helped thousands of people to gain financial freedom.  If you would like to hear their personal stories, get in touch and we can pass you onto them.

My upline leaders are some of the most experienced, proven, caring leaders and teachers in the network marketing industry who have been loyal to the Juice Plus business for many years. Go to testimonials to hear from John Holowaty, who signed Emma up to the business, who now has one of the biggest franchises in the world.

We care, we have fun, we ARE fun, we hold your hand, we are accessible, we are real people with normal lives like yours.

We have a proven track record of teaching people to become independent leaders at many levels.

We have a proven training and support system.  We have private support groups, training videos, weekly training calls and as a member of the team, you are always welcome to contact us personally.

We hold regular events online, virtual, personal, phone calls, what’s app, etc

We are part of a bigger group of inspiring, positive, motivated, caring people who you will learn from too.

We are totally committed to helping you to build your own success.