Embrace the Past

By Emma
18th May 2016

Stop looking back you're not going that direction, your past is the past let's go forward.

I always try to tell people to stop dwelling on things that have happened in the past - what is the purpose it serves?

Things happen to us all, in fact your experiences are what make you who you are and have bought you to where you are right now! So embrace them!

I sometimes used to look at some of the frankly pretty shitty things that have happened in my life, and think what was that all about...
Why me?

I lost my dad at 16, he had a massive unexpected sudden heart attack, that moment, that instant, shaped my whole life. He was 46.

I grew up in that moment and I learned that life is not about me, it's about everyone else, it's about living a life that's worth something, being grateful and making other people happy and fulfilled.

I never used that event or the many many times I felt heart broken at losing him, heart broken for him and all that he was going to miss out on in his own life, having 4 children and not living long enough to see us grow up and get married, I never use it to make excuses, I used it and continue to use all I learnt to drive me forwards to achieve my goals.

Cause you know what? There is no one pouring champagne at a pity party!!! You gotta move on and do something with whatever you've learnt!

I could probably write books about my past and the experiences I've had, this may even be the start of that, but I've learned the hard way that you won't get anywhere in life or accomplish any of your dreams if you don't move on!

If you stand in dog mess.... Do you stay in it??? No!! You wipe it off grumble a bit and move on!!

Make a decision to acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them. Recognise what's past and decide what you can use to propel you forward.

So I ask you to ask yourself... are you ready to stand tall? Ready to accept who you are now? Ready to take make decisions and action on who you want to be?

I promise you this much.... If you don't move forward you'll just stay where you are.

If you drive a car looking backwards what happens...? Yes you crash! We are not doing that!!

I LOVE to work with like minded people who are wanting to live their idea of freedom, and build on-line business's working from home.

If you are ready to say goodbye to whatever happened yesterday and make a decision to make tomorrow so much better then comment below!

I Look forward to talking to you soon.
Emma ❤️

If I can do it you can do it



4 comments on “Embrace the Past

  1. carly harvey

    I love this emma. Its so true i completely understand. It sounds crazy but when i first met you i seemed to have a connection and trust for you (no im not a nutter!!). I too lost my dad at 16 and things in my life got so bad. I believe that is what shaped me too. Life is for living we never know when it will end. Reading this was a godsend to me right now with dealing with an awful bereavement again and I needed to be reminded that life is for living. So thank you for sharing. Love to you xxxxx

  2. Amy

    The past is in the past for a reason. We can't move forward if we're stuck in. Thanks for sharing some of your story