Testimonials: Real Business Stories

In the couple of years we have spent in this amazing business opportunity, we have met many great people and had some amazing experiences.

Here are a few short home videos from some of our mentors, peers, friends and team, to tell their own stories.

John Holowaty

A former personal trainer, John was amazed by the product and has felt the incredible benefits over the years.  John has been a massive success and now has a team of thousands of people with happy customers around the world.  In just over five years, John has earned over $1,000,000 in commission alone.  John is our mentor and the person who introduced us to the business.  John is now an internationally recognised expert in the network marketing industry, regularly sharing his knowledge when presenting to thousands of people at events.

Alex Hamer-Webb

A former hairdresser, Alex joined the business over 25 years ago and it literally changed his life. Alex is one of our most trusted mentors who we respect massively.  An oracle of all knowledge, he's been there, done that, bought the T-shirt!

Rob Molyneux

Rob is a great friend, mentor and leader of a huge team in the UK.  Rob's passion for this business is evident and stems from his background in sports rehabilitation.  Rob's success has allowed him to travel the world and to set up a footballing academy in Africa to enable a community to come together through sport.


Linda Evenden

Linda lives on the Gold Coast, Australia.  We met Linda last year at a conference in Phoenix, USA and have become very close friends since.  Linda is one of the most caring people you'll ever meet and loves to help, mentor and develop her team and others around the world.


Jamie Kuenzie

Jamie left her career in occupational therapy when she realised she had money but no time. She knew she'd want a family so started her franchise to allow herself time with her kids.  Now a mum (or MOM) of three, she balances her life and "work" to get the best out of life, whilst still helping people which is what drives her.


Kacy Schloss

Kacy is an amazing and inspirational young woman who has gained one of life's most precious commodities, time with her young girl.  Kacy is determined to not miss out on spending time with her little girl, whilst building a phenomenal business in the USA that fits round her life.