Embrace the Past

Stop looking back you're not going that direction, your past is the past let's go forward. I always try to tell people to stop dwelling on things that have happened in the past - what is the purpose it serves? Things happen to us all, in fact your experiences are what make you who you […]

By Emma
18th May 2016

It's All Coming Together

I read this year "There are people out there who can only hear what they need to hear from you” And it really resonated with me..... What you know is sometimes not yours to keep to yourself but you know it so that you can share it with others.  There are people out there just […]

By Emma
17th May 2016

Time Moves On. What's Your Plan B

I am totally and utterly committed to helping people to become financially free. To not be told what to do. To grow old happily, knowing they don't have to rely on someone else; their partner, the government or their family, to provide for them. Everyone should want that for themselves and for their sisters, brothers […]

By Emma
16th May 2016